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Digital Scientists Launches Redesigned Shepherd Capital Partners Site

June 9, 2009

logo of Shepherd Capital PartnersDigital Scientists is pleased to announce the recent launch of the redesigned site for Shepherd Capital Partners, a California-based hard money lender that provides loans for difficult to finance real estate. Be sure to check out their Perspectives blog which gives great insight into a wide array of financial and real estate related issues (topics we do not really cover in our feed growth! blog…).

In an effort to easily transfer content over from their old site (built on the WordPress platform) and take advantage of the great SEO properties of the platform, our team redesigned a new WordPress theme for the site. The theme was further customized to feature different content in the side bar of each page.

While the launch of a site can be a very exciting process, it’s also a very critical time to get all of the SEO nuts and bolts in place to ensure that people actually come to your newly designed website. Our team performed extensive keyword research and translated our findings into on-site optimizations. Additionally, we made sure that all of the code was clean (i.e., easily indexed), installed all-in-one SEO and sitemap plugins, and created a tight link structure for the site.

We think Shepherd Capital Partners is an excellent example of how a new website design and search engine optimization can drive business for your company.