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Digital Scientists Hosts Top 10 Google Analytics Tips MeetUp

May 28, 2009

Nothing like showing up at the office on a Friday morning and still having the scent of pizza and beer lingering in the air from the MeetUp the night before… This past Thursday Digital Scientists hosted yet another MeetUp for the Atlanta Digital Marketing Group, this one covering the Top 10 Google Analytics Tips & Features.  Out of the thousands and thousands of available tools, features, and data available in Google Analytics, we thought it would be helpful to highlight some of the known, and not so well known features in Google Analtyics that we find the most beneficial.

Our team also unveiled at the MeetUp the first version of the DS Analytics Tool that we are currently developing.  The online tool lets you track specific sites that your visitors may be active on, giving you great insight competitive intelligence as well as opportunities to market your goods or services on sites where your potential customers are already very active.  Once you input all of the sites that you want to have tracked, the tool will output the customized Google Analytics code that you can then simply insert on your website.  Unfortunately the Tool is still in development, though we will be sure to post updates on our blog.

Thanks to everyone that was able to make this month’s event and encourage all of our readers to join the Atlanta Digital Marketing Group to stay up to date with all of our monthly MeetUps.