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Digital Scientists Earns Certification as Authorized Google Analytics Consultant

March 23, 2010

logo of google analytics

Drumroll please. We are now officially a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant.

So, what does that mean?

Well, we have made it past the Google Analytics gauntlet, serving Google Analytics clients, answering Google’s grilling (some of those questions were REALLY hard – both technical and marketing questions), and completing a very detailed application.

The bottom line is that we proved to Google that we not only know their analytics tool, but we are actively engaged in helping clients use it to help deliver business results…every day.

So, if those are the requirements, what does that mean for you, our current and potential clients. Most importantly, now that we are listed as a Google Partner we have access to elevated technical support from Google for Analytics.

Because we’re working with Google Analytics on a regular basis, we have something of an inside track to what’s going on when it comes to fine tuning, addressing thorny client problems, or just providing input into where product development goes (sort of the equivalent of the analytics geek hotline).

If you have any questions about implementing Google Analytics on your website or application, don’t hesitate to contact us.

And, just in case you were wondering and have made it past all of the shameless self promotion and plugs, be sure to check out our own tool that works very nicely with Google Analytics.  If you are looking to put behavioral segmentation to work in the real world, check out Conversion Optimization.