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Digital Scientists donates web design services to the Alpharetta Police Athletic League

September 1, 2009

As part of our Alpharetta office grand opening, we donated $25,000 in services to area non-profits. It was our way of saying thanks for the warm welcome, Alpharetta.

One of our first projects was to design a new website for the Alpharetta Police Athletic League. We were pleasantly surprised by how far we could stretch those digital marketing dollars (technically, certificates) and the functionality we delivered for Alpha PAL.

It was important that the website showcase the Alpharetta Police Athletic League’s offering to the community. The benefits of the league revolve around a safe and educational environment for local at-risk kids and includes programs such as:

  • After School Program
  • Boxing Program
  • Dirt Bike Program
  • Golf Program
  • Guitar Program
  • Mentoring Program
  • NYPUM Program
  • Summer Camp Program
  • Tutoring Program

screenshot of Alpharetta Police Athletic League websitePromoting these activities and the many facets of Alpha PAL, while simultaneously fulfilling their basic website needs, was quite a task. We started with a WordPress implementation and a restyled theme. Next, we setup a YouTube channel to incorporate videos into the site, a Flickr account for photos, and commenting for the social functionality. We also created a Google account to display Calendars on the site. Now, program directors at Alpha PAL can easily add events, program schedules, updates, and more.

Another goal with this project was to increase the amount of donations and sponsorships Alpha PAL receives. We used a tool called ChipIn, connected to a PayPal account, to accomplish this. Visitors are able to support the league by donating small amounts through a site widget, which also displays the goal amount to be obtained.

Finally, we integrated contact forms so parents could easily get in touch with Alpha PAL and enroll their children in a program.

It was a pleasure working with the Alpharetta Police Athletic League, and we hope the new website helps this great organization grow.