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Digital Scientists designs site for African-American lifestyle magazine Savoy

May 3, 2010

logo of savoyYou may already be familiar with Savoy as a business periodical – Savoy Professional (available at bookstores nationwide).  We’re excited to be part of the launch of a newly revitalized lifestyle version – Savoy magazine (launched in February of this year).

Naturally, as part of the overall launch effort, Savoy needed a modern, feature-rich website with just the right mix of compelling content, stylish photography, and easy-to-navigate minimal design.

You can see the results at The new Savoy is a lifestyle publication targeted at African Americans.  It features hard-hitting content, interesting lists (like the Top 100 Blacks in Corporate America), and superb photography. And, we’re not shy about admitting that we love the articles and insider perspective on a veritable red carpet of celebrities – from stage, screen – and even Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

We’re of course a bit biased about how great the site is (vs. the magazine). However, for you non-iPad owners or just for when you want to go off the grid, be sure to check out the dead tree version of Savoy at Barnes & Noble bookstores nationwide.


screenshot of Savoy website homepage