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Digital Scientists’ Alpharetta Office Turns Five

May 13, 2014

An Update on the Fifth Anniversary of Our Alpharetta Office

image of a Alpharetta OfficeToday is the five-year anniversary of the opening of our Alpharetta office at 21 S. Main Street.

We have gone through a lot of changes in the past five years – and so has Alpharetta.

Our neighborhood has grown to include many new eateries and stores (such as Hop Alley Brew Pub, Da Vinci’s Donuts, Salt Factory and Mugs on Milton), and we will soon have even more – like South Main Kitchen (our mouths are watering in anticipation).

Alpharetta is building a new City Hall and town center right across the street, which will be home to a new library, public park, and lots of new restaurants and shops.  If our little band of Digital Scientists weren’t reason enough to stop by Alpharetta, our friends next door should be.

The activity outside of our front door reflects what’s been happening behind the orange door of 21 S Main Street.  As for our business, we’ve evolved from a digital marketing shop to become a mobile-centric, brand experience software company.

We have seen many new hires this year, and have worked on new and innovative projects, such as the AmericasMart App, the Rately Shopper App and Extension, and Hubbell HPS Select.

We also announced the launch of our new Contextual Marketing Engine – the way to deliver the optimal brand experience for every channel or context.  This individualized approach to mobile helps engage consumers at all points of a shopping experience. It can be integrated into existing applications or serve as the brains behind a new mobile app.

We’re grateful for our past five years here on Main Street – and excited to see what the future holds.