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Boldly Go Beyond PowerPoint

September 21, 2011

What an iPad Can Do For Your Sales Force That A Laptop Can’t

Carina NebulaWith an iPad (and really any tablet), you can now arm the sales force with a sharable computer.

But what about all of those laptops that CIO’s have been buying for years?

They’ve been put to use creating PowerPoint presentations.  Not great ones, either.

But ask a sales person how many times she has let a client or prospect “drive” her laptop to surf the web together?

It just doesn’t happen.

By bringing together a tablet form factor, touch-based operating system, and constant connectivity, the iPad makes it possible to access the web or any application with your prospects and clients.

You can go much further than presentations.  Configure your product, fill out forms, even place orders and confirm payment right there.  And your prospect or client can drive with your sales person sitting side by side.

Look no further than home improvement giant Lowe’s, who announced last week that it is arming workers with 42,000 iPhone 4s to answer shoppers’ questions and ring up purchases.

If you find yourself wondering about the benefits of arming your sales force with tablets (or iPhones in the retail world), you’ll need to ask yourself what it’s worth to go beyond a PowerPoint presentation.  If your sales team could access any application or site with your clients or prospects, where would you want them to go?