Downtown Alpharetta Improvements

After nearly 2 years of construction, we welcomed our neighbors at the Alpharetta City Hall, at their new location off main street. From our windows across the street, we had a perfect vantage of the demolition of the old town hall, and the construction of the new, thoughtfully planned, Alpharetta City Center.

New logo: City of Alpharetta, GeorgiaFor more details on the new Alpharetta City Center, with new greenspace and fountain, new parking plan, forthcoming commercial space, and more – continue reading at We’ve included a few maps and plans for reference.

Alpharetta Downtown City Center - Oblique RenderingAlpharetta City Hall Elevation
Alpharetta Downtown City Center - Site Plan

Alpharetta City Hall – Time-lapse construction:
If you’re interested, here’s a longer, time-compressed version of the Alpharetta Town Hall Construction (6:51).

Alpharetta City Hall – Time-lapse demolition:

About Digital Scientists:

Our team is headquartered in a two-story, historic brick building in Downtown Alpharetta, GA: Constructed around 1910, it has served as a number of purposes over the years — including an ACE Hardware through the 1960s, an art and home furnishings store, and an acoustic engineering firm. It has, of course, been updated and modernized over the years, but the exposed brick walls offer a friendly contrast between our colorful local history and our digital future.