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50 Ways that We’ve Discovered

November 11, 2010

Top 50 conversion optimization and analytics tips to optimize conversions, increase sales and generate profits – our best digital marketing analytics strategies.

As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, we get quite a few calls and emails from people requesting some conversion and analytics help. While we’re focused on building conversion models and drive conversion optimization for our clients, we do have some tips that will help you out on your way to becoming a Google Analytics pro or as Avinash (now famous enough to be known by just his first name, a la Madonna or Sting) calls it, an analysis ninja.

Just in case you were wondering, the best tip is the one that will help YOU the most. We don’t have any way of knowing what’s going to work for your business, so all of these tips are really equal. In other words, this isn’t a David Letterman top 10 countdown or anything. Just breeze through this list and see what might work for you or your business.

And, while we have you, why don’t you do us a favor and ADD a great tip of your own in the comments below. There’s a lot of powerful gray matter being put to work to improve conversions and generate great analytics based business insights. Won’t you do us the favor of sharing some of your greatest hits?

  1. Track file downloads and mailto clicks using event tracking in Google Analytics
  2. Use Crowd Science or Quantcast to identify user demographics and make sure you are targeting the right audience
  3. Auto track web trends and influence on traffic with Google Trends or Twitter Trends
  4. Integrate FeedBurner and Google Analytics to track conversions through RSS feeds
  5. Overlay customer feedback results on top of site activity with 4QUserVoice or Get Satisfaction
  6. Create customized landing pages based on the keyword searched. Tips for improving high bounce / low conversion web pages
  7. Don’t risk losing analytics data by adding filters directly. Create a test profile on Google Analytics before pushing filters live
  8. Create landing pages to match campaign traffic. Host them on subdomains for easier management
  9. Track competitors’ campaigns, keywords and approximate spend with Compete or KeywordSpy
  10. Add analytics tags to URLs posted by customer support employees on social networks. Use Google’s free URL builder
  11. Use split testing tools to find content and layouts that work
  12. Speed up your website by loading the analytics code asynchronously
  13. View Matched Search Queries in Google Analytics to see actual search queries for Adwords terms. Use those to optimize campaigns for long tail keywords
  14. Dynamically optimize display ads and track which creatives and tag lines work well with Teracent or Snapads
  15. Perform remote usability testing by tracking user mouse movements on pages to understand user behavior with Userfly
  16. Install real-time tracking to track campaigns as they happen with Chartbeat or Clicky
  17. Filter returning visitors into a separate segment when looking at frequency of visits.
  18. Evaluate and optimize page design by asking users to recall their experience with FiveSecondTest
  19. Utilize internal search to understand user intent and navigational efficiency of your site. Watch this video to see what Avinash has to say
  20. Track ecommerce numbers in Google Analytics
  21. Analyze traffic quantity and quality before beginning A/B or multivariate testing.
  22. Track 404 pages to learn what visitors are looking for.
  23. Integrate campaigns across PPC, email, Twitter, etc and evaluate performance across campaign segments.
  24. Use ifbyphone to track campaigns online and offline. Assign phone numbers to campaigns and enable call tracking in Google Analytics
  25. Track your website visitors and their behavior in real-time. Read the article on Mashable
  26. Perform cross-browser testing to find your bugs before your users do. We like Litmus
  27. Don’t get lost in the analytics weeds. Top ten Google Analytics tips from Feed Growth
  28. Track SEO ranking and sitelinks with Google Analytics
  29. Focus on 3 key metrics: non-branded natural search, bounce rate and conversion. Another Avinash video
  30. Filter your own page visits out of your Google Analytics results
  31. Use Google chart tools to visualize Google Analytics data
  32. Create a marketing research survey and compare results to a benchmark. Try using Wufoo
  33. Set up funnels in Google Analytics to identify high/low conversion pages
  34. Ease user frustration by creating entertaining 404 pages
  35. Top 10 lists rarely change. Analysis Ninjas: Move Beyond The Top 10. Find Love (/Insights)
  36. Forget the 3-click rule. Interesting article
  37. Design to sell. 8 Useful Tips To Help Your Website Convert
  38. Conversion is driven by relevance, clarity and urgency.
  39. Color affects purchases/conversions. Check out this infographic
  40. User offers to attract more buyers
  41. Instead of adding more stuff, make the best of what you already have
  42. Check your site’s backlinks for free with open site explorer
  43. Make it easier for your customers to buy. Seven tactics to get you started
  44. Change the color of visited links on your site to help users decide where to go next.
  45. Use description meta tags to provide both users and search engines with a summary of what your page is about
  46. Anticipate differences in search behavior and account for them when writing content by using a mix of keywords & phases
  47. Design your site around your visitors’ needs while making sure your site is easily accessible to search engines
  48. Make sure your mobile site is properly recognized by Google so that searchers can find it.
  49. For navigation, the focus should be on simplicity. Use breadcrumb lists to give users more navigation convenience.
  50. Like real estate, search marketing is all about location. Google search’s golden triangle

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