Internet of Things

Our team loves to create cool, connected IoT solutions and we’ve been doing so since 2013 when we built a beacon-based, mobile shopping rewards and loyalty program to help local stores attract and reward their repeat shoppers.

Analyst group Gartner, Inc. calculates that around 8.4 billion IoT devices were in use in 2017, up 31 percent from 2016, and this will likely reach 20.4 billion by 2020. Consumer products such as smart thermostats, speakers, light bulbs, padlocks and pretty much any other physical objects can be transformed into an IoT device – this is the emerging technology that makes our team happy!

Industries such as manufacturing, transportation/logistics and utilities are expected to spend the most on IoT in 2018 to improve efficiency of their processes, track assets, service new customers and find new ways to increase revenue.

We’d love to help you integrate any of these emerging technologies into your product or service. Contact us to learn more – or start with a review of your Customer Experience Strategy.

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BoxLock, Inc.

IoT smart padlock

BoxLock is the first internet-connected padlock specifically designed to safeguard your home deliveries and track package status. It’s IoT security for last mile delivery – protecting deliveries at home, at work and everywhere in between. The delivery driver scans the tracking number for the package or delivery and the smart padlock connects to the internet to confirm the validity and recipient for access.

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Giving voice to facilities management

Voice recognition

A Fortune 500 company wrestling with the need to stay competitive or risk elimination by online retail giant Amazon, determined it must transition from solely a distributor / supplier to an integrated service provider capturing customer’s needs and identifying opportunities for growth.

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RoadNinja by Lamar

Beyond billboards – connected car

Lamar Advertising is one of the largest outdoor advertising companies in the United States. They came to us to help rethink their business for mobile devices. We partnered with Lamar to create RoadNinja, an app that reinvented how travelers get information about exits on the road ahead. Drivers responded by making RoadNinja one of the top 10 travel apps in iTunes.

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