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Our ongoing relationship with Digital Scientists is critical to my efforts at Mailchimp…

Chris Beauregard Director of Product Management @ Mailchimp

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Put simply, it’s the process of designing and building apps made specifically for a set of users. Custom software development differs from commercial off-the-shelf programs by delivering a set of features designed for a specific audience and use case. Find out more about this approach to software development.
Software development requires a team of researchers, UX designers, product managers, and software engineers to help you through each phase of product development. Successful product launches follow a highly structured approach, from ideation to implementation. Learn more about product design and development.
With all the apps in the App Store, one might think that apps are cheap to build. We wish it were so. Most App Store apps were built by solo developers, and lack a foundational business strategy. When it comes to app development for your business, hiring experienced talent is critical to an app’s long-term viability. Learn more about mobile app development.
We build custom software and apps for nearly any industry, with special emphasis in: