We’re mobile practitioners and strategists. We bring together mobile experience and strategic perspective to develop your playbook for serving mobile-enabled customers.

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Your mobile strategy should answer one question – How should you market and sell to a mobile-enabled customer?

In other words, in this phase, our focus is collaborating and innovating with your team to develop and validate potential mobile solutions with real customers. We have a unique combination of strategic, technical, and user experience skillsets to prototype and evaluate solutions, and in so doing, create a mobile playbook for your business.

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Design describes both how a mobile application works and how it looks. We bring an efficient, user-centered, and iterative approach to design.

Because a mobile application is, after all, a software application – our design teams are integrated teams of user experience, human-computer interaction, visual design and software development experts.

There’s no hand off from design to technical development – meaning that we eliminate potential rework from miscommunication. During this phase, we will often collaborate closely with IT departments to design how a mobile application will communicate with existing enterprise systems – leveraging existing data and functionality sources.

Output of this phase is a Design Blueprint. It details how a solution works, the brand experience it creates, and the key visual design components.

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Given a detailed design blueprint, we execute on the technical development of your solution or application and begin the Implementation planning phase.

We often partner with our client or its partners to project manage the development of numerous components to an architected solution. We apply the best practices of agile development to develop, test, and update on a weekly cycle.

We have the resources to manage mobile development efforts:

  • across all major mobile technology platforms – iOS, Android, HTML5
  • including social tools – Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare
  • expertise in location services – Geotargeting, GPS, geo-fencing, mapping
  • search applications
  • transaction-based email – Mailchimp’s Mandrill
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In this phase, we implement the operating model that will manage and care for the new service or solution.

This may be as basic as training existing employees or as complex as sourcing and on-boarding an entirely new organization. We often partner with clients to implement additional technologies, create specific tracking and analytics capabilities – in addition to developing and delivering training as needed. Of course, we also manage the distribution of applications to the most popular app stores.

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In the Measure phase of an effort, we analyze a solution’s performance against its key performance indicators.

Using a combination of standard and custom analytics tools, we partner with clients to leverage metrics and feedback into a refined mechanism for creating and prioritizing an ongoing solution roadmap.

Any mobile strategy initiative will need to be evaluated against hypotheses and evolve over time based on changing business requirements or technologies. We help clients analyze and measure results over time, creating a data-driven approach to managing this evolution.

We create new brand experiences that delight and sell.

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