Lamar Advertising

With digital and static signage in over 200 markets, Lamar Advertising is one of the largest outdoor advertising companies. They came to us to help rethink their business for mobile devices.

How do you reinvent a business that's as old as advertising itself?

By going beyond delivering messages to driving desired consumer behavior (no pun intended). RoadNinja - a Foursquare-powered location and deals app built for interstate travel - lets a brand advertiser reach a consumer at the point of decision.

Starting with a billboard - static or digital - RoadNinja can direct a consumer right to an advertiser's front door - and even confirm their presence (thanks to a check-in to receive a promotion).

RoadNinja reinvents the outdoor business and positions Lamar as a powerful partner for reaching consumers, delivering brand messages & promotions, and increasing sales. That's something just about any CMO can appreciate. 

Why don't you contact us so we can help you use mobile or tablet apps to transform your business?

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